In-depth review of Roger CPA course

An In-Depth Review of Rogers CPA Review Course

Watch the video first because it walks you through the actual Roger course.

Roger CPA review is one of the main CPA review courses out there.

The main thing that sets Roger apart is Roger himself. It’s Roger Phillipp, and he is an unbelievably energetic guy… especially when talking about CPA exam topics.

Roger is the lecturer in every single video, so it’s a good thing he’s so good at it. He is fast-paced, and his energy will keep you sucked in. You can watch some demo videos here to see what I mean…

Benefits of Roger’s Course

1) The Lectures

The lectures are the big star of the Roger courses. If you just flat out have a hard time learning the CPA material, you need some Roger’s lectures in your life. He’s very good at leading into each topic with something interesting that seems unrelated at first. Then he ties it in and it really helps you remember the different topics.

If you feel like the CPA exam is just impossible, Roger really does make it easy to learn. Easier than other courses, that is.

2) The Course Setup

The usability of a course is obviously huge, and Roger’s course is my favorite layout of any course. As you can see in the video review above, it’s very simple and easy to navigate once you’re logged in. I really like how the video and the textbook are open side-by-side when you’re studying a topic.

3) Videos keep your spot

This is a great feature that other courses I’ve reviewed don’t have. If you stop watching a lecture for some reason and then log off, when you come back you have the option of resuming the video from where you left off, or just starting the video over.

4) Video Bookmarks

Having gone through the entire study process, this is an extremely helpful feature. There will be times when you need a video explanation of a tough topic, and I can see having a list of your own personal bookmarks when it comes to review time being a huge time-saver.

5) Fresh Start & Student Discounts

The “Fresh Start” discount is a really cool idea. If you’ve used another review course and haven’t been able to pass, you just submit your proof of purchase for the other course, and as long as you spent more than $750, you’ll get a big discount on Roger’s course. There’s also discounts for current students, or if you’ve graduated within the last 60 days.


1) Roger’s Pace for International Students

Roger is very fast-paced in his lectures, so if you are an international student and English isn’t your first language, you might have trouble keeping up with him. Again, watch some demo videos first to see…

2) The Study Planner Isn’t Tied-In to Your Course

Yes, you do have the countdown calendar when you log in that lets you know how many days until your next exam, but it doesn’t tie in with your studying and tell you exactly what topics you need to get through that day. You can download study plans that do list out what topics to cover on what days based on the time span, such as 3 months or 6 months, but again, it’s not actually tied into your study plan. This isn’t a huge deal, but it is a feature that I really liked about CPAexcel.

The Bottom Line

Again, if you feel like you’re just lost when it comes to studying for the CPA exams, or that you’re starting from “the beginning”, I recommend you use Roger’s course since he does such a good job teaching the material. Maybe you’ve been out of school for several years and have now decided to get your CPA license, or you’ve used other materials with no success. If you feel like you’re just starting over, then Roger’s is your best choice.

Click here to visit Roger’s site…

If you’ve used another course with no success, then you’ll definitely want to use Roger and check out his Fresh Start discount.

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