Are CPA Lectures Worth Your Time?


CPA lectures… to watch or not to watch?

If you follow the study plan like you’re supposed to in your CPA study course, you’re supposed to read the chapter, watch the lectures, do the flashcards, do the questions, do the simulations, yada yada yada.


What to Do Instead of Watching Every Lecture

I believe this is the number one reason most people take so long to pass all the sections… or never finish at all. It’s just too much information.

You start reading a chapter or watching a video and you start to think, “I’ve already written down 10 formulas to memorize and I have 400 pages left in this book”… or something along those lines.

The amount of stuff you’re supposed to know to pass off FAR alone is crazy.

But there’s a better way.

My advice is to completely skip the lectures and chapters at first. Go straight to the multiple choice questions for any given chapter or topic.

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When you get stuck, or it’s something new that you just don’t know, then go back and watch the lecture because then you have context. You’ll be a little bit interested – maybe that’s the wrong word- and have a question up front that you want answered instead of listening to a professor spout off formula after formula and rule after rule.

If you’ve gotten stuck on a few questions first and have an idea about what you need to learn about a certain topic, then the lecture or chapter is much easier to digest and retain.

The other big benefit of this approach is that you get to skip tons of lectures and reading by breezing through the easy topics and the stuff you already know.

So… that’s how I recommend you deal with the overwhelming amount of video lectures and chapters. Only read/watch them if you really need to.

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