How To Study For The CPA EXAM: 8 Crucial Strategies

This CPA Study Strategy Cheatsheet Will Teach You:


  • The "correct" way to take notes while you're studying for the CPA exams. Endlessly "re-writing" notes is usually a huge waste of your time
  • How to get more done in 50-minute blocks than what you're spending 3-4 hours on now
  • How to use "mini-sessions" during your day to multiply your retention and recall on exam day
  • A study strategy that will slice hours off of every lesson, make every session more effective, and shock you with how fast you'll move through topics
  • Plus a lot more...

Who am I? My name is Nate, and I passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam in just 3 months by doing the complete opposite of what the mainstream review courses tell you to do. Enter your email address in the form and I'll send you my best study strategies via email.




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Disclaimer: My insights and advice are based on my own personal experience in studying for and passing the four CPA exams.

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What People Are Saying...

Excellent advice and tips given that will save time. I have been overwhelmed during my studying and the tips given have helped me feel more confident to begin a new study plan that will lead to passing each section of the CPA exam. I felt relieved to read some of the advice since I've been unmotivated and overwhelmed before. I really needed the advice and tips given that have helped me focus and stay committed.


I have been struggling for the CPA exam for some time now as I work full time and have two little kids at home.

It is a struggle to find the time to study and it always seems like I am not getting anything out of it.

Nate - this course is fantastic! So many great tips in here about what to do and not do and different things to try.

Anyone looking to sit for the CPA exam needs to take this before they start anything! I only wish I had these tips and tricks when I started my journey a few years ago. Hopefully this will help me get through the rest of it! Quick and easy to understand!

Loved it and thank you.

Mindy Jo

This tells you exactly WHAT you need to study and HOW you need to study for the CPA exam. It is really now how hard you study but rather how SMART you study.

Nate informs you on how he passed on the exam. To tell you the truth, I have been using his methods for the past month to pass the AUDIT portion of my exam. I do not think I would be able to learn the material as fast as I do today and it is all through this course’s help. If you really want to pass the exam and you are having struggles on how to study for and what to study for it then I would really suggest you to learn the tips that this course has. It informs you the smarter way to study and how much study time you can cut out in your schedule by not wasting time on unnecessary parts.

Highly recommended!

Tanvi M.