Module #13: Overall Strategies

Overall Strategies

When you're taking the test, if you don't know a problem, pick an answer and move on. Also, when you feel like you know but you just can't remember the specific rule, pick an answer and move on.

Especially on your first testlet. You have to assume you'll encounter even more difficult questions on the other 2 MCQ testlets, and especially on your SIMs. So you can't afford to spend too much time on any given MCQ testlet, especially the first one.

Set your test on a Monday. You need to cram like you've never crammed before on the Saturday and Sunday before your test. It will pay huge dividends.

If at all possible, avoid taking any breaks during the exam. You might leave right at the moment 10 more people show up to the Prometric center, and now you're 20 minutes behind.

Read your questions extremely carefully. One word can completely change what the question is asking, and you cannot afford to give up points on questions you know by not being careful.

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