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Want to pass even faster?

As Forrest Gump would say.... I am not a smart man. I was extremely average in school (straight-C student), and in my Master's program I sat through every class feeling like everyone was 10 years ahead of me in accounting knowledge.

But, when it came to the CPA exam, I figured out a way to pass all 4 exams in 3 months. I passed before anyone else that started with me at my firm, and leapfrogged most of people who started 1 or 2 years before me. That got me a lot of attention at my firm.

In a nutshell, I just used very different study methods than what the big review courses recommend. I've taken all of the methods and strategies I used, and put them into a "Study Hacks" course that you can follow.

YOU can use these methods to shave entire months off the time it takes to get your CPA.

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