Online Accounting Degree Cost


Getting your accounting degree online is a very good option for a lot of people. I personally know several people that have got their degree through an online program. As with anything else, you can get an online accounting degree at any level: associates, bachelors, and masters. There are also different types of accounting certificates that you can get. The online accounting degree cost varies quite a bit depending on which program you choose.

Most online accounting programs are actually more expensive than a local college would be… you’re basically going to pay a premium for the convenience of being able to attend class whenever you want. It’s a cost that’s well worth it to most people, especially since most people have a full time job while they’re working on their degree on the side.

Online Accounting Degree Cost

Getting your associate’s degree in accounting can get you entry-level accounting jobs such as a bookkeeper or a payables clerk. Once you complete an associate’s, you’ll have a basic knowledge and understanding of financial statements, the accounting cycle, and you’ll be able to analyze financial data. An associate’s in accounting will usually take about two years, and it can take longer for people that are working full time. Here are some stats on the average cost of an online associate’s degree at a few major online universities:

  • DeVry University: $37,750
  • University of Phoenix: $13,000
  • Kaplan University: $34,000

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

If you get your bachelor’s degree in accounting you’ll have a lot more doors open to you than if you just have an associate’s. There are usually four main areas that someone with a bachelor’s in accounting will go into:

  • Public Accounting: This focuses on dealing with tax issues with companies whether it’s helping them comply or helping them do tax planning.
  • Management Accounting: This focuses on managing the business and preparing financial information and reports that management can use to make better decisions about the business.
  • Government Accounting: This area involves auditing businesses and individuals and maintaining the records of different public entities.
  • Internal Auditing: This involves checking on and advising companies’ internal controls and looking for waste, errors, and fraud.

A bachelor’s degree online will usually cost between $50,000 and $80,000. It might seem like a lot, but an accounting degree is very versatile and it’s a set of skills that will always be in demand.

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