The Best CPA Review Courses


Below you’ll find a table with the key facts for each of the main CPA review courses.

NOTE: Becker is not included below because if you are going to purchase a CPA course with your own money there is no reason to spend $3,000+ on Becker. I think CPAexcel and Roger are just as good if not better than Becker, and basically half the price.

CPA Review Courses:Wiley CPAexcelRoger CPA ReviewFastForward AcademyLambers CPA Review
CPA Review Courses:Wiley CPAexcelRoger CPA ReviewFastForward AcademyLambers CPA Review
Biggest Benefit:Bite-sized lessons, integrated mobile app, most robust.
Read my full review here.
Most interesting lectures hands-down. If you feel like you're starting from "square one", Roger is for you.
Read my full review here.
Personalized study system and adaptive textbook. Lowest price.
Read my full review here.
iPod and audio courses.
Read my full review here.
Price:$1,500 - $1,800$1,695$599-$800. Use coupon code 'ACC101' for 15% off your order.$199 - $1,200
Hours of Video Lectures:100+100+0100+
Multiple Choice Questions:4,000+5,000+5,000+4,400
Task-Based Simulations:460+200200+In PDF format.
Mobile App Access Included:Yes. This is the best mobile app by far.Purchase access separately.No mobile app.No mobile app.
Audio Course:No.Yes.No.Yes. Purchase separately.
Free Trial:Yes. Click here...Demo videos. Click here...Yes. Click here...Free practice exams available.
Access Period:Until you pass.18 months. Extension can be purchased for $200.Until you pass.Until you pass.
Final Review/Cram Course:Included.Extra.No.No.

 My Recommendations:

I think that different courses really are better for different candidates. Here are some general guidelines for you if you’re still not sure:

Choose CPAexcel if you:

  • Like the idea of self-study, going at your own pace, and having each lesson being short and sweet(most of the time)
  • Want to be able to input your exam dates, then login each time and have that day’s lessons laid out for you.
  • Don’t want to worry about time limits on your access. I really like the “access until you pass” aspect of CPAexcel.

Choose Roger if you:

  • Feel like you’re completely starting over or starting from scratch. If you basically need to re-learn everything, Roger’s lectures are the best lectures on the market.

Choose FastForward Academy if you:

  • Learn best from a textbook and answering questions.
  • Price. You can use FastForward academy all by itself to pass and it’s less than $1,000 for the full course.
  • Use the couponcode ‘ACC101‘ to save 15% on your order.

Choose Lambers if you:

  • Only need access to certain things. For example, if you only have REG left and you want more questions to practice
  • Need an audio course. I really like their audio and iPod courses. The iPod course is the split-screen type that shows the professor and the slides at the same time, which I find helpful

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