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If you’re on this page, you’ve clicked a link for CPAexcel.

CPAexcel is my top overall recommendation for a CPA review course. It’s the one I used, and since then I’ve demo’ed others and it’s still my favorite.

This page is about my bonus video if you invest in CPAexcel. If you’re still a few months away from purchasing a review course, bookmark this page so you can get my bonus when you are ready. Feel free to keep reading though so that you know what it’s about.

Anyways- since passing my exams I’ve formed an affiliate relationship with CPAexcel, and I’ll get a small commission if you invest in CPAexcel through the one of the links on this page.

To add even more value to your CPA study journey, if you do invest in CPAexcel through one of the links below, I’ve got a bonus video of me walking through CPAexcel and showing you how I personally used each feature to pass all 4 exams really quickly.


How to get my bonus video: Choose which CPAexcel review course you want below, and click the link for that course. Go through the CPAexcel signup process, and once you’ve purchased, email/forward me a copy of your receipt to: ‘’. Use the subject line: CPAexcel Bonus. Then, I’ll send you access to my bonus video.

Again, the links on this page need to be the last CPAexcel link that you click on before you register.


Here is how to know which CPAexcel course is right for you:

Choose the Platinum Course if you: want the entire web-based course plus all of the physical study aids. This also includes the full-virtual classroom series. This course includes every single thing Wiley CPAexcel has to offer. Click here to view the Platinum Course…

Choose the Gold Medal Course if you: want the entire web-based course plus the physical textbooks. This is the course I used, but I never used the physical textbooks at all. But, a lot of people simply want the physical textbooks to read from, highlight stuff in, and make notes in. If that’s you, but you don’t need the physical flashcards, focus notes, or the virtual classroom series, then this is the right course for you. Click here to view the Gold Medal Course…

Choose the Silver Course if you: don’t need anything physical. You’ll have access to the entire web-based course, which is the only thing I used to pass. If you don’t need the physical textbooks, then this is the course for you, and you’ll save some money. Click here to view the Silver Course…

Ok… if you have any questions before you choose a course, DO NOT hesitate to email me and ask ( I love helping people through this stuff.

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